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by Lars Norén


" - You make me so unhappy.  Afraid …  And empty. 

I just feel like running away  back to 

- To where?

- To you."

DEMONS by Lars Norén is a dark, bitterly amusing take on human relationships and their ability to descend into toxicity and madness. Set in a Stockholm apartment in 1982, on the eve of a funeral, two couples - Frank and Katarina; Jenna and Tomas - share an evening together. Fuelled by alcohol, grief and repressed lust, the result is an absurdly humorous, sometimes shocking series of events… 

Norén deals with the issues of love, infidelity and family dysfunction with dark humour and comments on the madness of modern relationships in a shrewd and at times morbid way. This play touches on the issue of domestic violence.

" - Did anyone ever say 'I love you. I can't live without you?'"


Lars Norén 2007 © Michiel Hendryckx

"Lars Norén, regarded by many as the greatest Swedish playwright since Strindberg ... dealt with the love-hate relationships of modern dysfunctional families." 

"Emotionally powerful and sombre … spiced with absurd humour." 

Encyclopedia Britannica Online

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