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The Inner 6 are trained in the Yat Malmgren technique of Movement Psychology pioneered at Yat's own studio in London and later at the Drama Centre, where it became familiar to his students including actors Sean Connery, Anthony Hopkins, Colin Firth, Helen McCrory, Tom Hardy, Michael Fassbender and Simon Callow. 


The technique is based on the work of Carl Jung (Sensing, Thinking, Intuiting and Feeling) and the architect of European contemporary dance, Rudolf Laban's analysis of human expression in movement and was extended by Yat for use by actors as a means of creating a psychologically detailed and fully realised character.

Yat was born in March 1916 in Gävle, just north of Stockholm, and himself had a distinguished career as a classical dance soloist. He later went on to create Drama Centre, London together with John Blatchley; Doreen Cannon (a former assistant to Uta Hagen) later succeeded by Reuven Adiv (a former assistant to Lee Strasberg); Harold Lang; and Christopher Fettes. Laban entrusted to him the completion of 'The Glossary of Terms Employed in Movement Psychology' which he did with no small measure of success, eventually completing the theory with the so-called 'Confluence of Externalised Drives'.


GFCA, London


Christopher Fettes worked as Yat Malmgren's assistant and was a fellow co-founder of the Drama Centre. The Movement Psychology technique is now taught at GFCA with reference to his book 'A Peopled Labyrinth' in which he gives a detailed and comprehensive account of Laban's work brought to its conclusion by Yat, with the so-called 'Confluence of Externalised Drives'. Christopher's book is "a detailed account of that masterly achievement." ['A Peopled Labyrinth' About the Author, pg. 342.] 

The book can be purchased from GFCA Publishing or by contacting the Giles Foreman Centre for Acting directly.  

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