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“What does it mean to be Human? Why do some have a home, while others are condemned to roam the world alone?"

What if Doctor Viktor Frankenstein were alive today? This modern retelling of Mary Shelley's novel presents the horror from the perspective of the monster, who was created inhumanely and abandoned amidst the Syrian war. We follow the creature's journey across land and sea as they search for their maker, seeking answers to the fundamental questions of identity and purpose - much like all of humanity. However, with the unsettling realization that they were not born just ‘made ready’, the creature's contemplation of these questions takes on a chilling twist ...

Monday 19 June 19:45

New Wimbledon Theatre - Studio

93 The Broadway



Sami Kali

Actor Sami Kali: photo @yellowbellyphoto

Friday 30 June - 7 July* 20:00

The White Bear Theatre

138 Kennington Park Road


SE11 4DJ

*except Monday 3 July

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